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Terms and Conditions


All goods offered in this auction are guaranteed authentic, except otherwise specified, and of legal origin.

For goods owned by third parties Numismatica Felsinea works as agent, acting in their name and on their behalf according to a regular mandate to sell.

In order to allow a careful and thorough examination of the conservation status, type and quality of goods on auction, the material can be viewed at the store in Bologna, via Delle Lame 31/C, only by appointment, and at the auction location at the time and in the manner specified in the auction catalog.

Participation in the auction implies full acceptance of these conditions of sale.

1 Basis Auction

The prices shown in the catalog are given in EURO and are the base bid, therefore lower amount offers will not be accepted.

2 Auction commissions

Auction fees equal to 17% (inclusive of VAT) will be added to the hammer price.

3 Conservation status

Description and evaluation of the conservation status of the goods offered are carried out with the utmost care and attention, and the degree of rarity of the coins have been shown by referring to the primary numismatic manuals on the market.

The descriptions above are indicative and subjective and therefore can not be challenged by successful bidders (see point 6).

On request, the coins can be sealed by numismatic expert registered to the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna and to NIP (Numismatics Italian Professionist) at an additional cost agreed according of the value and number of pieces.

4 Participation in the auction and adjudication

Participation in the auction may be made by sending written bids (letter, fax, email), oral bids (but must be confirmed in writing) or bidding directly on the electronic platform used (for bidding online you need a previous accreditation for approval to participate). New customers will need to indicate appropriate references.

At the moment of bid, it is necessary to provide the name (first name and surname or company name) and the tax code or VAT in order to issuing the original receipt/ invoice, that will be sent or delivered with the goods. In case of adjudication you must also provide a copy of a valid identity document (ID card, driving license or passport).

The shots of bids are approximately equal to 10% (rounded up to the euro); bids with decimals will be rounded up to the higher euro unit

Each participant is personally responsible for the bids made, without being able to claim to have acted on behalf of third parties.

The adjudication will be in favor of the highest bidder to the next step than the previous bid, provided the offers reach the reserve price if present. With equal offers will be preferred:

- The offer received on an earlier date (by mail the date on postmark of arrival);

- The offer by mail than online or in the auction room;

Numismatica Felsinea and / or the auctioneer has the right to collect, share, group, or change the order of presentation of lots and put back on sale in auction lots in dispute in the adjudication, in accordance with the terms and conditions deemed most appropriate.

After the closing time of the auction, unsold lots will be available for additional 30 days and will be awarded to the first bidder at the basis price plus auction fees. Lots at free basis price will no longer be available.

The competitor will have the responsibility to check any adjudication by calling 0039 051 261777 from the 3rd day following the closing date of the auction. Successful bidders will be notified by letter, fax or e-mail.

5 Shipment and delivery

The payment of the sold lots must be made within 10 days from the participation in the auction or from the notification of winning bid. Late payments will incur a monthly default interest of 1%.

The goods must be collected at the end of the auction session (in auction room) upon immediate payment or within 10 days at the store in Bologna via Delle Lame 31/ C , or can be delivered in the manner set out below after payment is received (payments by check or bank transfer only after successful accreditation).

Shipments are made by Poste Italiane by registered mail to the cost € 8 (for large volume add € 10),to which is added the insurance cost of 1% of the value of the goods at a minimum cost of € 5.00.

The goods can be sent without insurance only on request and travel at buyer’s risk.

For shipments of goods beyond the borders of Italy costs ( payed by the buyer) will be determined from time to time and must be complied with Italian regulations on the export abroad of goods of significant numismatic interest that require the acquisition by relevant departments of the permit of free movement (approximately 40 days from the date of request to the export office c / o Ministry of Culture). The request will be extended upon payment of the goods (price inclusive of all charges, commissions), which will correspond the permission to do so. Numismatica Felsinea assumes no responsibility for the outcome of the procedure for export and in the case of restrictions on the movement of goods covered by the request, the buyer will retaliate either against the Numismatic Felsinea nor against the seller for the refund of the interest rate and fees already paid.

6 Disputes and return of goods purchased

Complaints are allowed within 30 days of receipt of the goods, about the authenticity of the goods and serious hidden defects.

No claims about the conservation status, provenance, attribution and classification, weight, type and lack of quality of the goods awarded, defects or faults mentioned in the catalog or detected by the photo, as recommended viewing and direct assessment of the lots object of auction, or defects or anomalies due to the buyer after the delivery of the goods.

The protest must be accompanied by the certificate of numismatic expert on the authenticity or serious hidden defects.

The goods in dispute must be returned using a suitable packaging via insured mail to Numismatica Felsinea Srl via Delle Lame n. 31/C 40122 Bologna, in the conditions of reception and perfectly intact, provided the packaging / original covers and all relevant documentation sent. The cost of returning will be paid by buyer.

The buyer, excluding any other claim, shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the purchase ,which will be made as soon as possible but not later than 30 days from the receipt of the notice, in each case provided that the goods have been returned.

The right of withdrawal does not apply in its entirety when there is no “essential integrity of the good” (packaging and / or its contents) and / or in cases where it is found: changes and / or tampering and / or damage to the goods; use of the good as to make it impossible to restore the conditions existing before the sale; breaking the seal in the event of sealed coin; absence of any external packaging / internal packaging; integral elements of the product.

Returns are not accepted on lots composed of many goods because of course they’re of little value or of study , neither on lots not illustrated which are therefore considered sold as seen and liked.

The Italian text of these conditions of sale shall prevail between the parties, as the English translation is for convenience of the reader.